We all have healing energy within. We all can treat ourselves and others. Nature has, through time immemorial, accorded us profound and miraculous techniques through various highly effective channels and modes of healing like Reiki, Crystal Healing, Flower Therapy, Magnets, Acupressure, Gemstone Therapy, Divine Healing, Remote Healing, Aura Cleansing, Prayers, Meditation, Spiritual Attunement etc.

With God's grace, serious intent, proper training and application over years in varied disciplines of Alternative Therapies, the flow of divine energy percolating through you, becomes profuse and highly effective. This is where we can be of use to you. If you need healing of any sort, you may avail of our services as guiding professionals with over three and a half decades of application and experience. The healings that you require, could be pertaining to any type –Physical Healing , Mental Healing, Emotional Healing or Spiritual Healing. We do not look upon ourselves as healers, but as channels – infusing divine knowledge and energy into your system, as guides- to teach you and elevate your energy levels optimally- to empower you to heal yourself with your own energy, dwelling right within you.

We specialize in technique of providing Distant Healing- i.e. despite the recipient being thousands of miles away- with absolutely equal and effective results. Our uniqueness and strength also lies in our guiding and amalgamating not just one but many Alternative therapies together, and thus ensure achieving overwhelmingly effective results.

Various types of Alternative Therapies that we specialize are briefly described as under–

Reiki :

– God's consciousness , KI - Life force )

Reiki can be defined as spiritually directed life force energy. It is a Japanese healing technique that utilizes God's universal energy to slash energy blockages (created by wrong living and wrong thinking), de-stress your system and promote healing. God's healing energy works miraculously within your inner self and you experience health as well as peace of mind, body and soul. You return to your natural state of joyful living.

Reiki is a safe, gentle and non-invasive form of hands-on healing. With a little guidance from us you can surely heal yourselves. Recipients report their experience of Reiki in terms of increased energy, alleviation of pain, deeper relaxation and a joyous state of well being. Reiki can be performed by us either in person in Mumbai , India or remotely by our unique and highly appreciated Distant Healing Technique – which provides absolutely equal impact and results.

Crystal Healing :

Crystals are made of certain minerals which become crystalline in form through natural processes, owing to their molecules and atoms getting arranged in certain precisely geometric formations. They acquire special properties and powers which affect us. In this alternative therapy, Crystals are utilized for strengthening the body tissues and correcting ill-formed patterns of energies by using various different forms and colours of natural crystals, depending upon the rate of their vibrational frequencies. Affected by their frequencies, your body's seven basic energy centers (each linked with it's own unique colour) and your aura's vibrational rates also change and symptomatic relief or healing is experienced. The results are often very potent and effective. You may approach us for our guidance. Crystals are very useful and highly effective in cleaning the negative energy from your home, office and your person - which is primary cause of ill health and misery all around us.

Flower Therapy :

The Bach Flower Remedies, which forms a part of Alternative medicine, were developed by Dr Edward Bach, a renowned Physician, Homeopath, Researcher and Bacteriologist. He firmly believed that one's mind and thought processes play a pivotal role in materializing illnesses and also recovering from them.

This system uses dilutions of flower essences developed by Dr. Edward Bach as a remedy to balance physical and emotional disturbances. In extract of flowers Dr. Bach found reverberation of the conditions he found in his patients. Administration of the right essence can help to bring back the patient to a healthy and happy state. He distilled the essence of certain flowers, and chose the right ones depending upon the state of being of a patient.

We as human being contain a body of life energy, an emotional body of sensitivity and feelings, and also a spiritual body. Flower extracts are nothing but energy imprints of the life force of plants kingdom, which effectively interact with our subtle bodies and healing ensues.

Practitioners treat every variety of human emotional imbalances with the 38 Bach flower essences. We all can achieve harmony and balance to all aspects of our being through these vibration remedies, as they gently help to release old blocked energies held within our body, mind and emotions. You are advised to read Dr Bach's books which are easy to understand and easily available in book shops. However, please note that they are not a substitute for medical attention or professional psychological counselling. We do not claim to cure you and only provide free advice for your well being. If you are ill, you must consult a qualified physician.

Divine Healing :

Divine Healing is a no-touch and no-drug therapy that utilizes celestial or divine life force energy, for the holistic healing of the human diseases and disorders. Prayers, visualization and implicit faith on Divine Healing energy lying within, are pillars of this therapy. This is an extremely powerful technique and provides absolutely miraculous results. We, moreover, specialize in guiding and providing Distant Healing techniques - i.e. ability to heal, despite the recipient being thousands of miles away from the healer - with absolutely equal and effective results.

Gemstone Therapy :

Please read our web page on “Gem Consultations”.

Aura Cleansing :

We all project a field around ourselves that is termed an "Aura", which is located in the Astral Level of our existence. Aura has vivid colours, powerful magnetic properties and plays very important role in our well being. The colors and outline of Aura can reflect one's healthful state as well as one's underlying physical problems.

Aura can also accumulate garbage - garbage of negative thoughts and selfish ideas. This eventually manifests itself as physical, emotional and mental illnesses. We can detect physical problems and emotional disorders and then help cleaning these auras, invoking higher energies. This ensues healing at a very deep level.

Please note that no amount of study of above Alternative or metaphysical healing techniques qualifies us as a legal doctor. This free technique is only advisory in nature, meant to supplement traditional medical practices, and not meant in any way, shape, or form as a replacement for them. The best approach is to use all available methods of healing. This is considered an adjunct to traditional healing and is not meant to replace it. You should go to a regular, licensed physician if you feel the need to, especially if you have any symptoms such as fever, pain, swelling, etc.

Spiritual Attunement :

Please read our web page on “Spiritual Counselling”.

Our Uniqueness And Strength :

We specialize in providing Distant Healing techniques - i.e. ability to heal, despite the recipient being thousands of miles away from the healer - with absolutely equal and effective results. Our uniqueness and strength also lies in our effectively guiding and amalgamating not just one but many Alternative Therapies together and thus help you to achieve overwhelmingly effective results.


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