The fact, that Gems possess certain powerful planetary attractions of real significant value to humans, has been acknowledged in the ages gone by and still exercises a spell over the gifted minds.

Since days of antiquity, people struck with misfortunes are Astrologically advised to wear different kinds of Gems, in order to counteract the effects of the malefic planets and enhance the beneficial cosmic vibrations. Gems are mostly used for enhancing physical and mental health, wealth, power, marital harmony, different types of emotional weaknesses, working abilities, popularity, love life, luck, happiness etc.

The relationship of particular Gems with particular planets is well established. Each planet radiates different colours and different cosmic radiations and there are Gems which vibrate well with them. The Sun has affinity with Ruby, the Moon with Pearl, Mars with Red Coral, Mercury with green Emerald, Jupiter with Yellow Sapphire, Venus with Diamond, Saturn with Blue Sapphire etc.

People often have doubts about the theory of affinity between Gems and Planets and wonder how Planets placed thousands of miles away from us, could affect human beings on Earth. Here is the answer. It is well known that that a full Moon is powerful enough to destabilize the Sea and can pull its waves up to 20 meters. If Moon can exert such tremendous power on water, why is it so difficult to conceive it affecting the humans; who are nothing but 70% water?

Secondly it is a well known fact, acknowledged by doctors in mental asylums worldwide, that insane persons get restless or uncontrolled during the period of full Moon and relatively subdued during the phase of no Moon. Moreover the World Health Organization maintains a data of accidents and violent incidents occurred during various phases of Moon, throughout the world. Astrologically the Moon rules human emotions, moodiness, fears, worries, depressions etc and its related Gem is a specific type of Pearl, which effectively controls these symptoms.

The Sun has tremendous effect and control over the Earth and its living beings. Just a few minutes of Solar eclipse, brings about considerable and scientifically measurable changes in the atmosphere, ozone levels, sea levels, bacterial levels and animal behavior. It is said that if the Sun could be switched off, like an electrical bulb, only for an hour or so, all living beings on Earth will perish- for good. If the Sun and the Moon have such vital influence on our lives, than a similar effect from our other sister planets should be easy to comprehend.

It has been discovered that Gemstones release vibrations and rays from the planets and have their own effect on the life on Earth. The Gemstones which contain the same mineral, as is predominant in the planet, act as modulators of the planetary electromagnetic vibrations. The rays of planets are supernatural and our life is controlled by such supernatural forces and the power contained in them. The Gems modulate the cosmic vibrations in such a manner that the supernatural energy emanating from the planets is converted into harmonious forces, which bring in harmony and success to the wearer of the Gem.

If luck or relationships are not going your way or you are not getting the breaks you ought to, you need wearing our energized Gems, set in rings or lockets, to help you to put luck in your corner and quickly deliver positive results into your life.

Gems certainly are very powerful and effective and can make profound transformative impact, on your lives. When prescribed or delivered by us – as experts and veteran in Astrology as well as Gem Consultation - their effect on you can be miraculous and life changing. You are invited to gain from our over 35 years of experience in this field.

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