Spiritual Counselling is meant for people who, irrespective of their achievements, feel something exclusive and intrinsically important, missing from their lives – like genuine eternal bliss, profound peace or real abiding smile - and are mentally ready to see their pleasure oriented conceptions shattered and transformed. It is meant for such thinking individuals who crave to move from an unhappy and miserable life dominated by ego and struggles, to an extraordinarily miraculous existence, brimming with bliss and perfection.

To begin with, you must get your correct understanding of who and what you really are. You are not just a physical self – a mere compilation of bones, skin, blood, organs and other components put together. In fact all of your true and unique self is invisible and beyond form. Your true self, whatever it is – your mind, your emotions, your soul or higher consciousness – it certainly is not form. Your spiritual awareness is in this formless dimension.

As per scriptures in almost all religions, you are not a body, but a soul- which is surrounded by a body. Your true self is, therefore, beyond pain, disease and death. The scriptures have been unambiguous in their choice of words – “Look within, not without” …. “The kingdom of heaven is within”. You must, therefore, see yourself as someone much more advanced and divine than a mere form. You are in fact a spiritual being, having worldly experiences in human form.

Whether you are going to believe in these eternal principles or not, they will continue to work. But if you really begin to believe and tune in to them, you will find yourself uplifted to a higher level of consciousness and awakening. The universal intelligence will then back you up and your spiritual growth will occur steadily and almost automatically. The acquired wisdom will soon see you transcending ego boundaries. True love, peace and divine grace will then pour into your life and you will experience the larger reality.

Irrespective of your present degree of spiritual awareness and knowledge, you can immediately start the learning and unfolding process with us. Your tuning in, constant awareness and communication with divine father, will open you up to inner guidance and spiritual growth. Prayer, as taught by us in its right form, will prove to be one of the best forms of communication with God. A proper meditation technique, on the other hand, will enable you to have a first hand conscious experience of pure awareness and super consciousness.

You will be truly blessed and inspired by Spiritual Counselling. It will lead you towards divinity. You will know that the most fascinating journey is the journey within and learn how to unlock the infinite power within. You will soon experience that a higher power seems to be working through you and also around you- and is gradually making entire universe supportive and kind to you. The result will be nothing short of LIFE-CHANGING – as all the power of the universe is inside you! You are welcome. Nothing less than the full blossoming of your spiritual potential awaits you.

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