“ The subjects that I deal in – Astrology, Tarot, Spiritual Counselling etc – have mind boggling wisdom and contain many practical strategies for success. They are a treasure chest for any one serious about greater success and more happiness in every area of life. ”
“ Nearly every one knows that they have more talent and knowledge than they are using, but they are not sure what to do about it. As an experienced Astrologer and Tarot Master, I can provide both understanding and action steps that will make a difference! I can provide a road map to transform the person you are into the person you want to be. ”
“ I don't provide any guarantee. There is no guarantee and absolute security on this Earth – there is only opportunity. You have got to take a plunge – to try out and find out. As Dale Carnegie aptly put it – ‘Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes furthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare.' ”
“ I believe that one should go in for any thing that even remotely looks like an opportunity. Life provides us with many chances and choices to decide which road to choose. I chose to awaken and inspire. What about you? Remember you have only one life! It's precious. Make the most of it. Gian Minoti said ‘ For me the conception of hell lies in two words : Too Late.' Act NOW ! ”

“ I see myself ever aware of the power of God within me as the source of all knowledge, intuitions and miracles. I therefore express God given wisdom, understanding and love in all my dealings with others and I know that my words are divinely guided. ”
“ There is a solution to every problem. We are not limited by our miniscule minds but connected to divine wisdom and knowledge, which has solution to all problems. Astrology, Tarot etc are nothing but divine tools to access such knowledge. I know that all seemingly impossible problems have been miraculously solved somewhere in the world and therefore I know that this can happen for me and you. ”
“ We are not in this world to get something or set something right. There is nothing wrong in money and material abundance but our success must not be measured by the things we accomplish or the stuff we gather. Our success in fact does not depend on anything outside of us. It is purely a state of mind – true happiness, peace and bliss being experienced within. ”


“ God is present in each of us very significantly. He has put a bit of Himself - His bliss, His purity, His perfection, His power, His love – in each of us. It's most unfortunate and strange that it is invariably the last place we think of looking to find Him. ”


“ You are bound by the shackles of your utterly limited five senses and can't see anything beyond. It is foolish to believe that the limit of your perception is also the limit of all there is to perceive. This is where divine sciences like Astrology and Tarot come to serve you and give you complete picture. I strongly suggest that you take your brains, opinions and five senses with a pinch of salt. Surrender your ego to the divine intelligence. Keep implicit faith – and mighty forces will come to your aid. ”


“ A good Astrologer not only requires thorough knowledge of his subject, but also requires intuition, observation, experience, heavy spiritual leanings, human understanding and above all, the grace of God, to pick up the right choice from a multiplicity of options. The amalgamation of these rare God-given abilities is something that can never ever be achieved by the super computers of the future. ”


“ I strive to pull all the magic together from a myriad of sources like Astrology, Tarot, Spiritualism etc and blend them in my own God-given style, into a fascinating journey within your mind, heart and spirit – to make a difference! ”


“ You will be truly blessed and inspired by Spiritual Counselling. It will lead you towards divinity. You will know that the most fascinating journey is the journey within and learn how to unlock the infinite power within. You will soon experience that a higher power seems to be working through you and also around you- and is gradually making entire universe supportive and kind to you. The result will be nothing short of LIFE-CHANGING – as all the power of the universe is inside you! You are welcome. Nothing less than the full blossoming of your spiritual potential awaits you. ”


“ Let's get it very clear that whatever we ever say, do or strive to be, is simply because we eventually want to reach a state of feeling better. Our success must, therefore, be measured by the degree of bliss we are experiencing during voyage through this life. You may have loads of money in your vault but if you do not reflect genuine peace and smile on your face, you are not successful. I can guide and help, provided you are willing to question your fixed beliefs and explore the nature of your true selves. ”


“ Astrology and Tarot are divine spiritual sciences, which convince you of existence of the immense divine power and teach you about your own infinite power and what you are capable of doing. The wisdom and intelligence of the universe is yours to use. ”


“ Every consulting session that I provide is not just a peep into future, but is a kind of inward journey. An illuminating and rewarding experience – full of insights - and I believe; one moment of insight is more precious than a life-time of experience. ”
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