astrologers in mumbai  
astrologers in mumbai

Acclaimed, acknowledged and respected worldwide - in over 40 countries. Patronized by intellectuals, eminent business magnates and celebrities. Routinely covered by Media/Television, empanelled by renowned 5 star hotels and prolific speaker at reputed Institutions like Rotary International. Truly scientific and professional approach. Experience of over 35 years.

Expertise in
Astrologers in mumbai, Astrological consultations, Tarot card consultations, Gemstone recommendations, Alternative therapies like Aura cleansing and Dr. Bach’s Flower remedies, Reiki, Divine Healing and non-religious Spiritual counselling. Truly professional approach - free of mythology, mantra-tantra, special pujas and miraculous talismans. An exclusive and unique package of Astrology and Tarot – both together -is given, which provides breathtaking clarity and accuracy in predictions. Blessed with intense intuitive capabilities and strong spiritual leanings.

A typical consulting session starts with overall impressions of the client - his general characteristics, attitudes, behaviour, relationships, weaknesses and strengths. It also covers the past and the current periods in detail, as well as future developments in the fields of Education, Job, Money, Marriage, Marital harmony, Health, Travelling, Luck, Spiritual progress etc. This is followed by useful tips and counselling, as well as some curative and corrective measures. One is free to ask as many questions as desired. Leading provider of Astrologers in mumbai.

We also extend our highly appreciated and precise ‘Yearly/Six monthly Predictions' and amazingly crystal clear ‘Compatibility Analysis Report'; between unmarried/married couples, business partners etc. All consultations are done at a mutually fixed time over telephone/e-mail (for non-residents) or personally in Mumbai, India. You are welcome -- to a most profound, stimulating and rewarding experience of your life! Proving astrologers service in mumbai.

astrologer mumbai
  astrologers in mumbaiastrologers in mumbai

astrologers in mumbaiastrologers_mumbai
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astrologers in mumbai

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